Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ford of Europe’s new-car sales fell by just under 1% in October

Ford of Europe reported a 1% drop in new-car sales in October but had a 13% sales increase across its main 19 European markets, which benefited from scrappage schemes. In addition, Ford held an 8..8% market share in the 19 main European markets – its highest for the month since 1997.

Incidentally, last month is Ford’s strongest October in those markets for 12 years. It’s believed that sales of the Fiesta and Ka models helped.

Ingvar Sviggum, Ford of Europe’s head of marketing, sales and service, said that it is now the “clear No. 2 best-selling brand in the European auto industry.”

When it comes to unit sales, Volkswagen is Europe’s top brand. Sviggum said Ford is raising higher-margin sales to private customers, compared with sales to businesses.

Looking at the figures in October, 64% of Ford’s car sales were to retail customers, compared to 48% in October 2008. Sviggum added that in October, 80% of Fiesta, 75% of Ka and 70% of Kuga sales were to retail customers.