Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Zenvo planning to launch three new supercars after its ST1

Following the ST1, Zenvo Automotive will be launching three new supercars. The first supercar of the Danish supercar manufacturer is the Corvette Z01 based-Zenvo ST1, which has an output of 1104bhp and costs 850,000 euros each. Only 15 units of this supercar will be made. In an interview with Autocar, a Zenvo source said that the company has set its sights on a smaller, cheaper version of the ST1.

The project is currently under extensive development and the supercar will be available within the next three years. Not a lot of details were revealed.

The source would only say that it has cost-saving features, including the removal of more expensive items such as the carbonfiber body panels, while the engine is likely to be detuned.

The source also confirmed that two new supercars, which will also be based on the ST1, are in development.

These models will not be launched before the more affordable ST1, but it is likely that they will be even more powerful and expensive than the ST1.