Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nissan reports a significant increase in market share

Nissan Europe’s October sales rose 10% year-on-year with 45,225 units sold for the month. It recorded a marked increase in market share (2.8% vs. 2.4%). The company has performed well for the fourth month in a row starting July. It attributes its sales and share boost to models such as Qashqai, Pixo, Micra and Note, with strong customer order banks for these models across all markets.

Furthermore, Nissan improved its market share in each of its major Western European markets compared to the previous year.

Nissan said the positive results were offset by the “challenging” market in Russia where the falling total industry volume, down 54%, and unfavorable exchange rates are strongly affecting Nissan sales which have declined 52% vs. October 2008.

Bernard Loire, Vice President Sales Operations for Nissan in Europe, said that the company has maintained its consistent market share performance across Europe at 2.8%.

However, he states that even when the Western European markets show signs of stabilizing, there are no noticeable signs of recovery in the East.