Monday, November 2, 2009

Alfa MiTo MultiAir pricing announced

If you want an Alfa MiTo and would want it to be have Fiat’s revolutionary technology MultiAir that cuts CO2 emissions and fuel consumption while also increasing output, then you’ll have to pay 600 euros on top of the base price tag. Therefore in Italy, the MiTo with MultiAir will cost 17,400 euros. Prices will be slightly different across European markets. First to get the MiTo are Germany, France and Italy this month. The rest of Europe will get the car in October. The MultiAir technology makes the car’s system capable of cutting the emissions but also boosts the power level in small displacements engines. For example, the 1.4-liter MiTo with MultiAir results to a 20% power boost and CO2 emissions are cut by around 10%. From 120 hp, power is up 20.8% to 145 horsepower. CO2 output is reduced from 145 g/km to 129 g/km. Fuel consumption reduces from 6.1 l/100km to 5.6 l/100km.