Monday, November 2, 2009

Camaro-based Pontiac Trans AM by Lingenfelter

Many fans mourned the death of the Pontiac but they have all but put thoughts of the factory-built Firebird Trans Am behind them. You can just imagine how the news of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering’s decision to resurrect the car based on the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro was received.

Texas-based Lingenfelter is well-known for having tuned various GM vehicles from Corvette Z06’s to the new Camaro. Its latest creation is a resurrection of the Pontiac Trans Am to be shown at SEMA Show. The Trans Am is based on the new Camaro, but with major modifications to hold the car to the original Pontiacs.

The exterior of the car is based on the 1971 Trans Am and it does the task well while retaining a modern look. Featured on the concept are a full Trans Am accurate front fascia with honeycomb kidney grills and rounded-square headlights. At the rear, the vehicle bears classic Trans Am taillights complete with rear decklid spoiler. For an authentic Trans Am look, Lingenfelter added custom honeycomb wheels.

While the backwards hood scoop with “455 SD” script wasn’t on the ’71 Trans Am look, it looks terrific and is an accurate representation of the engine’s displacement. The Lingenfelter TA concept is powered by a 455-cubic-inch LS-series V-8, producing 655 hp and 610 lb-ft of torque. This is more than even the supercharged LSA V-8 that would have been attached to the shelved Z28 Camaro. With over 200 more hp, Lingenfelter is compelled to add a 6-bolt LS9 flywheel and clutch assembly as well as heavy-duty halfshafts. Lingenfelter would like to know if this concept is good enough to go into production. So don’t be shy in letting them know what you think during the SEMA show that begins on November 3.