Monday, November 2, 2009

Lotus introduces the new 2010 Exige S240

Just two weeks after we feasted our eyes on the 2010 Lotus Exige S260, the British manufacturer now brings to us a refreshed 2010 Exige S240. At a glance, the most apparent modifications are a revised front fascia and a new rear wing. The new look was first seen last March at the Geneva Motor Show and it made a splash as well on the Exige Cup 260 in Geneva. For better cooling, a larger air intake was attached — allowing more airflow. Moreover, the outer ports now house a pair of oil coolers. On the rear deck, we can clearly see the wing that debuted on the 2007 Exige GT3 road car concept. Since the wider wing is mounted higher and farther back, that puts it in cleaner air than before. Since there is no rearward visibility in the Exige anyway, nothing has been lost to the wing, and the airfoil generates the same downforce as before but with less drag. A striking mechanical change is the new adjustable Ohlins dampers with remote reservoirs that are included in the Track package. The 2010 models will arrive this fall. Prices will start from $65,690.