Monday, November 2, 2009

Volkswagen VI GTI launched via iPhone game

Volkswagen has figured out a novel way to connect with the savvy GTI consumer. For the first time ever, an automaker will use the App Store to launch a new vehicle — in this case, the 2010 GTI.

Many automakers have used online games to promote their products but VW has decided that to capture the attention of its target customers, it will provide a free version of Firemint Real Racing game on the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. In addition, six U.S. players will win a customized GTI MkVI with black 18-inch wheels and faux carbon-fiber interior trim.

Tim Ellis, VW’s vice-president of marketing, said that due to the personalization of media and the challenges inherent with reaching constantly connected consumers, the company is bent on rethinking the way it launches vehicles.

He said that the GTI customer is a tech-savvy consumer who likes social networking, playing games and spending time on mobile devices - most often an iPhone.

He said that the Real Racing GTI App on the iPhone will enable it to connect with the consumer “in a way that no 30-second spot ever could.” While only U.S. players can win a car, the Real Racing GTI App can be downloaded free worldwide.