Monday, November 2, 2009

Lamborghini considering a leap into luxury sedans

According to the latest reports from Automotive News, it appears that Lamborghini executives are considering a leap into luxury sedans. This move comes after they saw that all the prestige brands are trying it: Porsche with the Panamera and Aston Martin with the recently unveiled Rapide four-door sedan.

The Italian manufacturer is planning to equip the upcoming sedan with an all-wheel-drive transmission as well as a V10 engine, currently found on the Audi RS6 and capable to develop 580 hp. If built, the new Lamborghini four-door sedan will be based on the Estoque Concept, shows back in 2008 at the Paris Motor Show. Of, course the car was officially denied by the Italian manufacturer but now let’s be honest… they wouldn’t say a word even if the car was caught on the streets… Regarding the other models, Lamborghini said that it currently has no changes planned for the popular Gallardo while the Murcielago is scheduled to be redesigned in 2012.